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Alan Blair

Having raced for over 40 total years, Alan eventually retired from racing but wanted to support his favorite sport by creating a book to guide racers to a safer and more prosperous career. Alan’s unique qualifications go well pass that of a successful racer to encompass just about every role a person can have in racing. As a WERA club owner, Alan amassed experience in racing you won’t find on the track. He was not only a successful promoter and race club business owner, but he became known for his ability as an announcer that brought many crowds to their feet over the years. Since then, Alan’s love for writing has blossomed into a passion for helping others through the Self-Help genre. As a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Therapist, as well as a trainer of doctors in using high-tech modalities, Alan is always seeking new ways to benefit the health of others. You’ll find Alan’s titles to be both insightful and helpful in learning about such health issues as sleep, training & weight loss, diet and more.

Eat Like a Champion

To perform your best, you’ve got to Eat Like a Champion!

If you’re not eating like a champion, you may not be performing your best. Diet is 90% of who we are as a person and as an athlete. As a long-time personal trainer and nutritionist, Alan can tell you that to do well in any sport, you’ve got to feel your best and eliminate the distractions that come with poor nutrition. In my book “Eat Like a Champion”, you’ll find comprehensive diet advice that can help you become a champion.


If you want to find and keep sponsors, this is the book for you!

Derived from decades of experience on and off the track, Alan has perfected the concept of finding sponsors and keeping them happy! Formerly a PR & Marketing Director for a top fuel team, Alan was known for his ability to create the top sponsorship packages in the racing industry. There are many easy steps to securing sponsors and Alan shares his experience in this comprehensive book.



Race to Win!

This complete guide to winning shares everything you’ll need to know to work your way up in racing to be a successful champion!

As a former WERA race club owner, Alan has unique experience with literally every aspect of racing, something few other experts can offer. From understanding each position in a race organization and their functions, to how to organize and prepare your race program. You’ll learn how to make the right decisions including how to choose a first race bike, how to plan and organize, how to train and diet, how and where to get the track time you’ll need at a price you can afford, and even how to choose the right doctor! This and so much more will be at your disposal when you get this comprehensive and complete guide to winning!


If you’re going to finish strong, you’re going to need to feel strong!

Your body is a more complicated machine than the one you race. Keeping it well tuned and ready for the harsh rigors of racing is a large part of being successful in racing. Knowing how to choose a doctor who can properly access your readiness, your diet, and your overall health can be key to feeling your best on race day. As a Personal Trainer and a Certified Therapist, Alan has worked with and trained doctors, giving him a unique insight to the many facets of medicine, therapy and the nutritional needs of a racer. Celebrated as one of his greatest writings, you’ll find what you need to make the right choice of doctors.

The Race Doctor

Theory of Distractions

If you’re serious about making the podium, you MUST eliminate distractions!

After many years of racing, Alan realized the formula for doing his best was being able to recognize, log, and track every distraction and then eliminating them. In this unique system, you’ll learn how to identify, score and reduce distractions in a very logical way that consequently helps you to improve each and every race weekend. Alan’s complete approach to this great system will have you making the podium more consistently than ever!


In racing, as with every sport, you’ve got to train hard to be a champion!

As a racer, it didn’t take Alan long to realize that he had to be his physical best to do his best on the track. To improve his own race program, Alan became a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. For Alan, this was the single largest step to conquering the rigors of a very hot and physically athletic sport. In this complete book, you’ll learn how to train for gaining strength, gaining muscle, and losing fat. Alan’s comprehensive approach to training came from years of training with top athletes and from years of working at Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition, contributing to the training and nutrition goals of others.

Training for the Win!

Youth Racing!

If you want your son or daughter to have success and fun racing, this is the book!

There are many great reasons to pass the torch of racing on to your children. Well before entering the work place, your children will learn respect, responsibility, and work ethic. Taught correctly, your children will learn to respect their car or bike and will safely rise through the ranks of racing. The best in sports start when they’re young and have the guidance of parents and mentors they need to do it logically and safely. As a father himself, Alan devised ways to train his own son and teach him the many lessons that racing has to offer. You can too!

Winning Consistently is all about proper planning and organizing!

Racing success begins with understanding and organizing the many intricate complexities of the well-oiled machine we call racing. From the moment you arrive at the track to the moment you finish the race you’ll need to have your T’s crossed and I’s dotted. In this informative book, Alan shares his many years of experience in understanding this formula that goes hand in hand with impressing and grabbing the attention of sponsors. But there is so much more to this book filled with strategies for the planning and execution of your racing efforts!


Sleep Great Feel Great

If sleeping is a challenge, you’ll want to read this comprehensive book on getting better sleep!

Sleep is the most anabolic thing we do. When we sleep, our body repairs itself and is the most important part of staying healthy. There are many factors that affect your sleep that you are likely not aware of. Having worked with doctors on these issues, Alan shares the many facets of creating the right sleep environment, eating the right foods for better sleep, understanding sleep patterns and sleep schedules, and a lot more! Read this great book for sleeping great and feeling great!